Rehabilitation after breast augmentation surgery

The main conditions for a quick recovery after augmentation mammoplasty are moral preparation, strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations and a positive attitude. The rules and restrictions that surgeons must adhere to will reduce the risk of side effects, and drug therapy will alleviate the condition and improve the outcome.

Possible complications

Complications caused by wound infection can appear after 1-2 weeks: increased swelling, severe pain, fever.

In patients who suffer from bleeding disorders, in the first 3 weeks they allow physical activity or take off compression underwear, hematomas appear.

Injury to the glands, loading of the pleural girdle, running, bending can cause rotation, implant rotation.

In women with a lack of glandular, fatty tissue, visualization, probing of the endoprosthesis, and wavyness (wavyness of the skin) are possible. Such deficiencies are corrected by lipofilling.

After 3 - 12 months are diagnosed:

  • capsular contracture (hardening of the fibrous membrane);
  • asymmetry of glands, warts;
  • lymphatic fluid stagnation (seroma);
  • hypertrophic, keloid scars;
  • anaplastic lymphoma (about 100 cases / million surgeries).

Recovery time frame

The complexity and duration of rehabilitation depends on the degree of complexity of mammoplasty. After simple augmentation with implants, women recover faster and easier than after complex endoprosthetics in combination with an elevator, removing excess tissue.

The postoperative wound heals in 5-7 days. Implants take root within 8-10 weeks. A new breast is formed within six months. To control the dynamics of wound healing, to identify complications, the surgeon conducts scheduled examinations.

The result of the operation by 30% depends on the experience and knowledge of the doctor. 70% of the results are formed by the correct behavior of the patient. A woman needs to know how to behave, which sensations are the norm, and which deviations.

First postoperative week

On the first day, the patient is in the intensive care unit. The effects of anesthesia are felt: weakness, drowsiness, nausea. Chest pain is dull in nature. Analgesics are prescribed to alleviate the condition. By the end of the first day, they were allowed to walk. On the second day, they issue a statement.

The first 3-6 days are the norm:

  • temperature rise to 37, 9 degrees;
  • feeling of tension, fullness in the mammary glands (the greater the volume of the endoprosthesis, the stronger the feelings);
  • edema, hematomas (appearance of new hematomas, increase in the size of edema is an alarming symptom);
  • loss of skin sensitivity in the nipple area, lower pole.

A compression bra is needed. It is impossible to take off underwear for 30-45 days, even at night. It is necessary to come to the dressing on the days determined by the doctor. It is forbidden to raise your arms, sleep on your hips and stomach, bathe, lift objects heavier than a few kg.

Second postoperative week

From the 6th day, the pain and discomfort disappear. Threads are removed 7-10. The island lasts, invisible under the sheets.

Breasts meet volume. Women can go to non-physical work, do simple household chores.

In order for the implant to maintain the correct position one month after the breast augmentation, it is impossible:

  • walk, sleep without compression underwear;
  • lie on your stomach, sideways;
  • lean forward, down;
  • jump and run, put a load on the shoulder girdle, press;
  • lift weights;
  • overheat.

One month after surgery

After 4 - 6 weeks, the swelling of the glands is little noticeable or disappears. Itching, tingling, mild pain in the area of the scars occur.

Women lead a normal life: they go to bed without underwear, bathe in a warm bath, take long walks. The compression bandage, with the doctor's permission, is replaced by a bra on a wire, a sports top.

Yoga and Pilates classes are allowed. At home, they do a light warm-up, avoiding movements that cause pain and discomfort. Loads on the legs are not contraindicated. The mammary glands must be protected from shock, pressure, earthquake. I still can’t overheat, sunbathe, fly.

More than a month after implant placement

Most restrictions are removed after 60-75 days. During that period, a capsule is formed, and the pectoral muscles adapt to the endoprosthesis. The risk of displacement, impact of the implant is reduced.

From the third month, sleeping on your stomach, relaxing in the sauna, on the beach, swimming is allowed. You can pump the press, do inclines, gymnastics, health walking on the street or treadmill. The doctor will allow running, jumping in 4 - 5 months, strong loads - in six months.

In the first year, you can do sports only in a narrow sports top. Glandular trauma should be avoided for the entire period of wearing the implant.

Medications, medications, diet to shorten the rehabilitation period

use of fat after mammoplasty

In the first week, patients come to the clinic for a bandage, and then they take care of their breasts themselves. The doctor prescribes:

  • antibacterial, antifungal therapy (7-10 days);
  • antiseptics to treat sutures (brilliant green solution, iodine, antiseptic solutions 15-20 days).

When the bark is removed, the scars are smeared with wound healing agents. Depending on the stage of recovery, surgeons recommend anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ointments.

When buying bras, you must choose models with wide straps, deep cups. To heal your breasts faster, include a large amount of protein foods in your diet: fish, poultry, cottage cheese. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, dishes on gelatin (aspic, jelly), which contain zinc, peanuts, pine nuts, beans.

Frequently asked questions, answers to them

I want to decide on surgery, but I don't know what to expect?

You will see the aesthetic result on the monitor screen after 3D modeling. After the procedure the pain is insignificant, discomfort is felt in the first 5 days. If you follow the restrictions, process the stitches properly, in a few months you will be able to admire the new shapes, forgetting about the operation.

Do bad habits (smoking, alcohol) affect the rehabilitation process?

Alcohol use, nicotine causes vasospasm, which leads to insufficient oxygen supply to tissues. After each cigarette, the veins remain narrowed for up to 90 minutes. In patients who smoke, drink alcohol, reject, tissue necrosis occurs three times more often.

I often go to the gym. Are there any restrictions?

From the fifth week, you can go to the gym, but you will have to limit yourself to walking on a treadmill, press exercises, leg muscles. Yoga, Pilates are allowed. Running on the track, dumbbell exercises are available after 4 to 6 months. Professional bodybuilding and weightlifting are prohibited for women with implants placed under the pectoral muscle.

Sex is important to me. Is it possible to lead an active sexual life during rehabilitation?

In the first three to five days, discomfort and pain do not contribute to the awakening of sexual desire. From the end of the first week you can and should have sex. It is necessary to protect the chest from pressure, trembling. Choose positions where the man is in the back, rest your hands on firm support to reduce body swing and have fun.

Tell us about the rules of rest after surgery?

The doctor recommends resting in a semi-sitting position for the first three days. You can only sleep on your back for 20-30 days.

I cannot find a detailed description of the implementation of hygienic procedures during the rehabilitation period on the Internet. Give me some advice?

Showering is allowed for 3-4 days. The water temperature is 36 degrees. The seam can get wet, but you can't touch it with your hands, with a cloth. Use baby soap, neutral pH gel. After bathing, the scar needs to be treated with antiseptic, put on a bandage, put on compression underwear. After 30 days a warm bath is allowed.

My job involves frequent business trips. Is it possible to travel by plane often?

The ban on air travel is lifted after 90 days. The frequency of flights is not limited.